Merl and cancer

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Posted by don aters on 03/27/02 - 09:18:40
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Although the conetations will flow due to an eternity of involvement, Merl isn't about the music, it's about the size of his heart.  Much as Kathrine Hepburn was to movies, DiMaggio to baseball, Broadway Joe to football, Merl represents the humanitarian aspect of music and remains the symbol of mass unity through his work.
If being positive should bring a medical prognosis that pleases both Merl and his legion of fans,I feel confidant he will have a quick and successful surgery.
The void left by his silence would be louder than an actual performance, some things canot be replaced.
So Merl,................beware the pale horse and it's rider, as you heal, we also continue to heal and few musicians can claim to have such an ability.
As my father once declared, "Don't worry so much about your ship coming in, sometimes you have to swim out and meet it".
If you can't swim, call me..............I think I can still get you out there.
As always,
your friend,

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