that good old fashioned mediacated goo.

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Posted by carolyn on 03/26/02 - 19:39:55
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well, i think at least, musicians are not as scary as clowns. is not a good website to go for lyme info. the klemptner study was flawed to begin with.  now, off to my email to get info to the dad of one of my daughters friends.  he has had nasty arthritis since he got the lyme vacine.  the mother's brother is very sick with lyme like me.  lost his job.  i know someone who took part in the vacine trials and she got arthritis from the vacine.  it was known to be flawed before it was released.  it's been pullled from the market, but glaxco/smith/kline still won't admit it harmed people.  claim they pulled it because of lack of demand for it.  i've been warning people for two yrs not to get it.  sheller, ludwig and badey is the law firm in philly handling the class action suit.  400 people so far.

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