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Posted by Eth on 03/26/02 - 19:01:41
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Hi Sue!

Just got home from grade 2!!

Today's funnest was sketching with vine charcoal,
from a still life set up by Ms. Mann.  Those are the times when you can actually hear a pin drop.
Lesson extends experience of a true story of a young village artist.

Marking--I use varied colors and stamps for FUN.
But I do agree with CWH, the marks need to be separable from the work.

When kids face a bit more challenge--I switch to
stars ONLY on the CORRECT ones.  Still I Show the correct method or the correct spelling for every problem, but no checks.

Some families benefit by noting the nature of the error, in each case.  With varied stamps and stickers kids look forward more to looking papers over and sharing with parents.

But they get to realize quickly when you are careful to respond to each as an individual, or individually as needed.  I shoot out little messages of encouragement or challenge, as the case may be, but not always.  They are on the lookout for that.  Kind of like Paul on this website.

Studies show varied, intermittent rewards work best--blah, blah, blah.

I was tryin' to take this ED stuff off site.
Well, since someone asked!


If I were in my own free world, I probably wouldn't even teach like that at all!!!

I know when a lesson is intensely good.
And it most often is NOT the "CORRECTED PAPERS"
part of things.  It is the HANDS-ON music, performance, hands-on science, math tools, writer's workshop, author's chair, discussions thatignite ideas, and etc. that GET IT!

But students DO take pleasure in their more rote,
structured, regularized instruction, as well.
It should be like the skeleton.

Unfortunately, the way things are, it can become the whole body. That's the daily lesson plan battle that Amm. and I were addressing below.
(sort of)

If one spends all of the children's time preparing
for rote tests, and taking rote tests-------

when comes the time for TRUE, LOVED, learning experiences---that promote a LIFE-LONG LOVE of learning?????

I try to integrate everything rote and fab, into
themes that can create a fun basis-------but on and on and on.  Then I get exhausted and I'm lucky to pull off a rote day.  SO, there you have it.

Sorry so humungus,

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