The Great Carpet Conspiracy

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Posted by Mike on 03/26/02 - 15:14:03
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It is INMNSHO NOT a coincidence that the invention of the Vacuum Cleaner & the Wall-to-Wall Carpet were almost simultaneous. BTW the dust here in South Texas is SO alive that it literally grows back on one shelf as you proceed to vacuum the next shelf. I'm with you Eth on the unnecessary fetish of ironing. Everytime I ever ironed something I burned it (last time was in boarding school aka Den of Perversion ca. 1976).I gots to go dear, my Mom who I provide Elder Care for insists on Passover/Spring Cleaning & I forgot to hire someone else to do it. Hercules & his Augean Stables got nothing on THIS boy! Possible perk, I may find some dusty Ganja under the bed (wish me luck).mk

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