I Shall Claify

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Posted by Hope   (e) on 03/26/02 - 10:40:37
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The post is not meant't to be that cryptic.

The ironing board reference was fom someone who responded to me about another post I had made very late at night---and I often share info. that's more personal. thus the late night Ironing board report.

Your reference is exactly as you state it.

Your "MO" (just your persona from this board, of course, since I don't know you at all), iis to generously share your depth of musical information with anyone who might find it useful.

You NEVER respond too frequently.
The information is always good, and the feeling is slightly formal--if tou'll forgive my being personal.  I think you have more experience with message boards OR I just like it that you have a whole different approach to the bopard than I do and I think I need to learn something from it.

There are other responders I could have pointed to that I have a similar respect for and for
related reasons.

You are one who has made suggestions at times that people might benefit by getting some insight
into how the board functions for them.   That is a very clearly valuable suggestion---and one I am working on.  But without leaving the board, it is difficult to change ones style of being oneself!

So---that'ss what I mean't.

The Beautiful Mind part can't be all the way appreciated unless one sees the film---but is also a bit self explanatory.

I don't have an Ironing board or vacuum, because I don't like noisy machines, and I find those activites largely unecessary.  That part of the post is merely for fun, and elucidates nothing.

I don't like anonymity and I'm not REAL fond of cryptic either.  So I hope I don't start waxing cryptic.  Thanks for the warning.

I apologize if my invoking your name in this circumstance was annoying.  

I have a lot of respect for your, info., your posting style, and all of your more pointed comments in the past.   That's it clearly-I hope.

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