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Posted by Cricket on 03/26/02 - 09:56:36
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Hey, C.B.-- Forgive me, but I will lie down & writhe & froth & spit if JS resurrects "It's Only Music"... other than to drive a sharp stake through it.  To me the melody is tedious; DF's vocal was dull & dragged on & on (& as good as the singers are in JS, I'm skeptical they can much improve THIS song); the lyrics -- well, if Robert Hunter had written them at age 12, I'd think his parents should've been rightly proud & also reassured that in a couple of years when his hormone levels stabilized, some of that sticky ponderous stuff would wear off.  (Here come the flames...)
     Alas, I'm not a big fan of "Come to Life" or "Harp Tree Lament" either, for similar reasons -- I think there are nice moments, but to me they become monotonous pretty quickly & never get off the ground.
     Sorry, C.B. -- in the whole glittering firmament of JA/JS songs, there are a VERY few I wouldn't want to re-visit, & you went straight for 3 of them!  Well, to each his own...

I do thank you most sincerely for not taking it one step further & asking them to do "THUNK"...

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