The Ironing Board Report

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Posted by E on 03/26/02 - 05:34:57
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Thus the Dark Ages Flower Power revival!

All interested parties migrate westward to San Francisco, AGAIN.  Including Slick and Marty.

A selfish fantasy?


I napped, and then corrected 80 papers.  That's why I'm up so late.

Ron S.
I'm trying to work on blending your MO with my MO
----but it is next to impossible.  Anyway, that's a compliment.

I'm trying to achieve the EQULIBRIUM from
"A Beautiful Mind".

That simple and elegant construct, which suggested
that a deliberation between the RIGHT to self-interest, and the GOAL of GREATEST GOOD for the balanced. (E-version)

I don't have an ironing board!
Or a vacuum cleaner!  

But I do iron, on rare occasion.
And sweep, too.

I enjoy sweeping (humor).  But I DO!!!!!!!!

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