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Posted by IC on 03/25/02 - 21:00:21
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My 19-year-old son has been into the rap/hip-hop/metal/reggae stuff since he hit middle school.  He and his friends were part of the "fringe/freak" outcast contingent of white, brown, and black kids in the 'hood.  I think listening to and enjoying this kind of music went with the turf & filled a need to rebel and reflected their social standing here in the 'burbs, much as the Brit Invasion and San Fran sounds did for me and my friends.  A lot of rap/hop is brutal and ugly and most of what I've heard is angry and monotonous, but gee, that's exactly the same thing my parents said about the Stones and the Animals and Hendrix and the other great stuff I listened to back in the '60's.  

What I love about music now is that there's such an enormous choice of genres out there and they all seem to be interacting/crossing over to create subgenres galore.  Love that spice of life!
The latest mix tape I compiled had Gong, ZZ Top, Soft Machine, Hole, Traffic, JeffStar (from ATSOS), Charlatans UK, Love, Arrested Development, Judas Priest, Black-Eyed Peas, Blues Magoos, Ozric Tentacles, Sheryl Crow, the Dead, Lucinda Williams, the Fugees, and Tool.  Lately, what's left of the grey matter gets pleasure from hopping from one musical style/subgenre to another.  Great traveling companion.


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