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Posted by carolyn on 03/25/02 - 14:35:31
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only, i did marry the right husband, just got the wrong in-laws.

i never confused a cow for a pencil, but did often use the wrong words or go completly blank of the names of common objects.  was even told that i should be blond.

did not get lost two houses from my house, but the houses are spaced further apart where Judy lives.  got lost and disoriented close to home.  or would forget where i was driving to.  i would go out for what i thought was just an hour, and five hrs later my husband is calling hospital ers and local police stations to see if i had been in an accident.  i put him through a lot.

my swings wern't extreme.  i was severely depressed or suicidally depressed at all times excpt if i was drunk.  very dark world i inhabited.

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