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Posted by carolyn on 03/25/02 - 14:25:20
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she writes for phila weekly often about her mental illness.  thought a long while back that she had been lymed.  especially after her artical about suicide.  recently wrote to her.  she thinks her upenn insurence and med care are great.  silly girl!  she knows someone who got really messed up with lyme.  i think most of us on the east coast know someone who gat really messed up with this.  she assured me she got tested and does not have it.  which test?  which lab?  guess what?  in adddition to her mental heath problems, she also has an autoimmune disorder.  raynauds disease - i have had that one since my teens, part of my lyme - and sogrins sp? syndrome.  don't think i have that one, but my lyme twin Tammi does - it's part of her lyme.

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