fibromyalgia, lupus........

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Posted by carolyn on 03/25/02 - 14:17:56
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thanks Mike.  lots to say, lots of theories, but life is to hard today.  fibro does not exist , it's usually lyme.  upenn drs are big on dx fibro.  i have an aunt that was told she has that, her husband has alzhiemers - oh, i think really lyme but they are not listening.  i was dx by upenn w/fibro, later tested pos to lupus, but they did not tell me.  i don't anymore - the magic of abx!  i found out a while back that singer songwriter Victoria Williams has M.S.  good chance that it is really lyme.  i posted on her message board, but did not privately email her.  lyme/babesia is what almost took out jazz legend Kieth Jarret.  oh, some of the drs are so evil.  peter l. schwartz may have just been being an arrogant jerk in the beginning, but knew how sick i was and later knew he was diong me harm.  even went so far as to pretend he was doing the LUAT test, charge me directly instead of through my insurence like all the other tests, did another test instead but did not tell me, then one week later had his office staff call and tell me the LUAT came back neg for lyme.  when another dr did the test for real - numbers were sky high.  highly highly infected with lyme.  oh well, my lifes not that important i guess.  little dorky peter in his silly bow ties (only clowns wear bow ties - and clowns are scary!) is still "practicing" medicine.  i complained to upenn several times, but no action against schwartz or granty liu liu.   but i wonder if my story had anything to do with chief exec dr traber leaving after only five months at penn.

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