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Posted by Cricket on 03/25/02 - 09:37:20
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I agree: a lot of fun!  It was the first time in 25 years that I DIDN'T go to an Oscar's party, & so the 1st time I've actually seen the whole show...

I cried during Sidney Poitier's speech -- so dignified, & moving, & eloquent...full of thanks for his predecessors & friends. He's someone I've admired since grade school -- so this was something I'll never forget.

& I don't think I've ever felt as touched watching somebody "lose it" as I did when Halle Berry won & began sobbing her thanks...

(May have to reconsider my usually cynical views of the Academy -- I felt pleased quite a lot last night... I agree about the new theater, production values, audio, etc. -- great show, hosts, etc -- it's amazing to me, given how long it was, that it seemed never to drag (well, ok, coulda done without Faith Hill -- & frankly was restless throughout ALL the songs).

Ah, now your question: how did we all do?

Well, as for me...I'd first like to request that all my similarly addled Deadhead friends try very hard to distinguish between "LOSER" and "DEAL".
Ok: I'm a good LOSER...

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