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Posted by Jerald on 03/24/02 - 22:31:11
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Hundred fucking bucks.  Worth every centavo for this alone.

I have spent hours trying to unravel the foulings done to other software by RA, damn them.  Still worth it.  China.  Darby.  Oh. My. Goodness.

I will now respectfully request that the powers that be consider how to make an expanded version of this gem available for sale.  I do not care that the sound quality suffers.  I do not care how you obtain more footage.  I do not care that the whole thing is not recorded.  I have been waiting for more Grace since the Papa John genuflection that became DS/VS.  Her cd compilation (of which I own a copy because I buy everything and it did have the wonderful extra track) was fine.  However, it did not capture the wit and stage allure of Grace as shown in the JS3C video.

Fan and loyal customer,


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