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Posted by Jason on 03/24/02 - 16:18:05
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Toe Knee Stanger is a songwriter/performer in Palo Alto, CA, has his own local cable access TV show, is an audio producer, and a visionary artist. His artistic anthem is "Art Into Life", and this reaches far and wide. For info on how to purchase his music, art, or just to see what he's up to, email toekneestanger@hotmail.com
Toe Knee Stanger dedicates his life to his art, and the art of everyone that comes into his life. He has 12 CDs recorded, all available for public consumption. He writes, plays, and produces/records his own music by himself.
Toe Knee has several visionary paintings for sale, that currently reside in Art Into Life Studio in Palo Alto, CA.
Toe Knee also films and produces his own local cable access television show. The Toe Knee Show reflects not only his vision, but the visions of everyone that stars in the show.
His dedication to his art runs very deep. Seriously. Check out his site in my sig, for a more in-depth look at what he does, and for more contact info...Also, go ahead and check out his mp3 site, which is in the process of being amended with a ton more recent songs. Check out "Hole in the Head", "May Sound Crazy", "Ray of Doubt", and several others on the mp3 site.
Website: http://www.toekneestanger.com
MP3's: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/174/toe_knee_stanger.html

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