Peace to All.  No need to get upset with each other!

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Posted by Chris Hager on 03/24/02 - 15:12:14
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Folks, it appears I started a furor here.  I was only trying to help out by offering some corrections to matters that in some cases could have inconvenienced people, i.e. the tour locations.  (I guess the line about the road to hell being paved with good intentions is apt here.)  Perhaps we (I) get to "know" each other well enough in this forum that we presume too much and take unwarranted liberties. I didn't know the proper procedures and addressed the wrong individual (Artski) instead of the correct one (Mission Control).  MC corrected me, and I certainly took no offense (see my response to him).  I did not find his response, which I assume was directed primarily to me, offensive in any way. I certainly hope that MC's post, entitled HUH? was not addressing me when he was discussing rudeness, as I thought I had submitted my original posting in rather polite terms, as was my intention. It was not then, nor is it now, ever my intention to be rude to anyone on the A-Deck, and I would be distressed to find out that what I said was interpreted as such.  Again, I offer apoligies if it was interpreted as such. I now understand the correct procedure for submitting corrections, but in the mean time, it isn't worth getting upset with each other.  Seeing what has resulted here almost makes me wish I had kept quiet in the first place.  Let's end it here, and again, I apologize to all appropriate parties for going through the wrong channels in the first place.  Peace to you all.  Cordially, CWH

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