5/25 JS show @ Riverside Resort (Nevada)

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Posted by Cricket on 03/23/02 - 20:11:24
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Christo, someone apparently has been listening:

There's a special link for "DART TOURNAMENTS" on the webpage for the Nevada resort where JS will be playing 5/25.  
(p.s.: hope to hell they're not booked in the music venue listed as "Loser's Lounge" -- !!)  The good news, besides the "ELECTRIC" next to the date on the tour page:  Laughlin has an airport & is right on, or near, the Colorado river.

p.p.s. Before inviting us or the band to throw darts blind-folded, you might want to find out who flunked Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  On second thought, Eth could come & pre-test, & assign us to grade levels.  I will be wearing the hotel mattress...

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