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Posted by who knows? on 03/23/02 - 15:38:30
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...(JS3C ID) is the first name used by potentially-arresting officers, judges, and the devout but rabidly psychotic nun who "taught" me in 7th grade.  [cf. Eth's discussion w/Amm. below.  This one said things like:  "If you want to believe your ancestors swung from the trees, go right ahead, but mine..." / ...which could segue right into "With a name like 'Mario Savio', he's probably Catholic -- Let me tell you he's not headed for heaven..."]

Anyway, I swear: "Cricket" is on my driver's license, my personal checks...
What's happened here has never happened to me anywhere else: I just keep sprouting aliases (while never managing to fool anyone, which is fine, since it's not my intent).  Honest!

Mike, if you truly think I might be the Boston you-know-who, you could -- for a thrill -- send me your terrestrial address & just, well, WAIT...


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