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Posted by carolyn on 03/23/02 - 14:42:49
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i saw your post last tues , when i stopped in the library before picking up my son at gymnastics.  after surfing lymenet and posting Judy's symptom list (funny Judy! anyone recognize any of the symptoms?) there was no time for me to post a response.  you are starting get it the key word is diagnosed.  most are not getting diagnosed.  it's not just women who are getting very sick with this, it is men and children too.  i definatley got a rediculous amount of abuse from drs.  that is definatley because i am a small woman.  my husband had this for twenty years, not as sick as me, did not get the abuse i got - he always beleived he got good med care, but did not get properly diagnosed either.  i diagnose him and got him tested.  the most common way people with lyme/tick borne disease get diagnosed is by another chronic lyme patient or a shrink.  they finally believe the med drs and belive the have gone completely mad, go to a shrink who tells them they are in fact not crazy, but physically ill.  it's not just the philly area that is so highly endemcic.  lot's of neighborhoods like mine all over the country.  i just report live from phily because that is where i live.  it is a major epidemic, but that is not what is being reported in the media.  got lots more to say, but not up for writing such a long post right now.  because of global warming, the tick populations have been increasing.  this has been a very mild winter, so this spring and summer as well as the next two years will be especially bad.  take care of yourselves!

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