preist holes

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Posted by carolyn on 03/23/02 - 14:28:50
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what might you ask are priest holes?

i'm english catholic/wasp on my dad's side.  basically, i'm the united nations.  bettcha didn't know there was such a thing as english catholic.  when my brother was going to school in england, he visited the town named after my ancestors.  there are two other towns with the same name, butthey were just named after the original during the industrial revolution when lots of new towns were built.  also there are people with the same last name as me, but are not blood relatives.  they were named after the towns.  i don't know why they did not have names of their own to begin with.  my great aunt therese did the research many many decades ago.

anyway, during the reign of king henry the eighth, my ancestors remained staunch catholics as did there subjects in their town.  now me, if given the chioce - have your're head cut off or chnge religions , change religions or have your head cut off.  not a difficult chioce for me.  change religions!  but i guess my ancestors were more noble.

when my brother visited the town, they were doing archiological research.  it seems the people in that town dug these small spaces beneath their cellars to hide catholic preists.  these spaces were called priest holes.  so now you know what a preist whole is.

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