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Posted by Don Aters on 03/23/02 - 12:30:07
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This Oscarnight xcould become legendary, for a variety reasons but.......
Best actress-Sissy Spacek or Hallie Berry, my nod goes to hallie as no woman of color has ever won an oscar for best actress.
Best actoe-Russell Crowe or Denzil Washington....nod to Denzil due to abrasive demeanor of Crowe and Denzil deserved an Oscar long ago and on a night when multiple winners of color could be recipients
Best supporting actress.Tome
Best supporting actor - Kellen for Lord of The Rings
Best Movie- Beautiful Mind or Lord of The Rings, not to Beautiful Mind as Lord of The Rings is a trilogy
Best director- Altman will be sentimental favorite but Ron Howard should win........
Special effects- Lord of The Rings

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