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Posted by E&R on 03/23/02 - 04:49:19
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That sounds like true FUN.
We were planning our entry.

We LOVE movies, and are only BEHIND in viewing due to so much Live Music lately!!!!!!

We weren't sure if one needed to vote in all the categories listed---or not.  PLUS we were waiting to the last minute, because we are going to see Beautiful Mind tomorrow, and we have Sexy Beast rented and are attempting to sit DOWN to it.
Training Day was so powerful, I have NOT stopped thinking about it!!!

Open House was very successful............

But Michael-don't proceed, in any case, on our account.  I'm with Liz.  It would be fun to discuss a book or film once in a while.  There HAVE been some good recommendations.

So if the final deadline for submitting is at 4:00pm Sunday, you might get many more LAST MINUTE entries like ours.  We promise to submit
by noon Sunday.  

Hey, at least we can compare notes.    E

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