Correction,  sorry John

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Posted by e on 03/22/02 - 10:34:06
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Kingsley, supporting actor.

another coreection:

I should not have said  "be receptive"
I do not wish to tell anbody how to be.

I think I mean't, I try not to generalize and to receive each thing I'm exposed to on it's own merits.  And even if it's not MY 'music', I feel sort of defensive about the generalizing on a whole 'Genre' of artistic expression. You had a lot of true points in that discussion, and were not the only one in the thread that was generalizing a bit.  And I can sort of see why!

I just know there's more to this discussion than these threads--but I actually don't feel that confident about discussing it well.  Sorry.

It was the film, I think, That got me going, and that I wanted to discuss more.

Hope I didn't offend you.


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