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Posted by John O'Malley on 03/22/02 - 01:37:55
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Even though I'm just a white guy from the burbs, I have a pretty good understanding of the hows and whys of Rap music and its cultural impact. Be it from South Central L.A. or Brooklyn N.Y.  I understand that blacks needed an outlet for their problems and unjustices that have been dealt to them.

But the way Rap music has been marketed and promoted in the last decade..it's become virtually the antithesis of it's origins. a farce really. Any integrity that it claims to have is gone...No thanks to MTV, The big record companies and Puff Daddy or is it P Diddy? (either way sounds like breakfast cereal) himself...and Ice T who had a song called "Cop Killer" now plays one on TV (and he's a better actor than a rapper)

As a music form Rap is completely devoid of any real musical aptitude.  As for that pairing of Page & Daddy/Diddy...they also demolished a version of Kashmir as well..if I recall correctly.
They've done nothing to erase the stereotypes that has been put upon them..only adding more fuel to the fires that are already burning.

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