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Posted by Liz on 03/22/02 - 00:14:02
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The U.S. Customs Service charges Bell sold a $1.5 million helicopter to Victor Carranza, a Colombian with known ties to drug dealers and right- wing paramilitary groups. And, according to customs officials, he used laundered drug profits to finance the sale.

For this one transaction Bell Helicopter, accepted 25 separate third- party payments from 16 different sources, and the Customs Service says alarms should have gone off at Bell.

Bell Helicopter has denied any wrongdoing, and Bell Officials declined to comment, citing the ongoing court case.

Ironically, as Bell Helicopter continued its court fight over the federal charges, it won a $130 million contract from the U.S. Government to supply 42 rebuilt helicopters for use in the Colombian drug war.

from:  underground economy,

These thoughts lead me to a Chomsky quote:
There are policies formulated in the perceived interests of domestic US power, the state-corporate nexus.  And those policies are followed quite consistently.  There are no double standards.  They have nothing to do with law or morality or human welfare.  They have to do with maximizing certain interests.

Hmmmm.... time to go listen to some music....

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