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Posted by Mission Control on 03/21/02 - 20:49:46
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Dear Fellow A-Deckers & Stellar Cartographers:
   First, on behalf of myself, Mrs. Mission Control & the voraciously hungry Emmett - thank you for your kind words & well wishes.
   As you can see from my previous accidental posts - sleep deprivation - has its downside!!!
   Since emigrating to Los Angeles eleven years ago, from 8th Ave. & 19th St. in The City, Mrs. Mission Control has held her world famous Oscar Contest Party featuring her world famous Hawaiian poke, (emu-less) kalua pig (don't ask me how she does it!) & homemade ginger sorbet.  However, little Emmett says there can be no usual festivities this year (unless you count diaper changing as a festivity) - so we've decided to hold the shebang right here on-line!

   The rules are simple!  Logon to this URL:


... copy your own Oscar ballot into an email ... make your selections ... & email them to me at:


- where your submissions shall be tabulated ... most correct choices WINS - in the case of duplicate or  multiple winners ... multiple PRIZES shall be awarded.  These prizes are so SPECTACULAR (that is - if you like anything JEFFERSON ... & great music in general), that I cannot mention them here.  Suffice to say NO ONE WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Ballots will be accepted up until 4PM Pacific Time, Oscar Sunday.

Now for some personal insight & hints ...

Best actor ... should go to Tom Wilkinson for his
amazing portrayal of a father, surviving the grief of a murdered son in "In The Bedroom."  However, Russell Crowe WILL WIN his 2nd straight Oscar for his portrayal of schizophrenic mathematician John Nash in "A Beautiful Mind."  Why:  Oscar loves gimps, geeks & cripples who overcome adversity (we call it 'The Rain Man factor') - remember 'Philadelphia,' 'My Left Foot' etc.

Best actress ... should go to Halle Berry for her
gut wrenching performance in "Monster's Ball."  However, Sissy Spacek WILL WIN - because "In The Bedroom" has got to win something, and the voters will have a hard time getting over Halle's boob bearing, bimbo bonanza in last year's "Swordfish."  There's also the matter of that little 'hit & run' episode a few years back ... & isn't she about to be a Bond-girl later this year?

Best supporting actor ... WILL go to Ian McKellan for "Lord of The Rings."  It's the only major award the multi-nominated film will receive ... and it's Sir Ian's consolation Oscar - he should have won for his protrayal of James Whale in "Gods & Monsters" a few years ago.

Best supporting actress ... should go to Helen Mirren for "Gosford Park," but waitaminute(!) - fellow Gosfordian Maggie Smith is also nominated - & Oscar would prefer to 'dis' neither dame ... speaking of which - Dame Judy Dench (first lady of the British Theatre & 007's boss M in the Pierce Brosnan era) won't win for her portrayal of the alzheimer afflicted "Iris" because she splits the role with that "Titanic-chick" who plays the lead as a young woman.  Look out - the Oscar goes to Jennifer Connelly for her role opposite Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind."  Why:  It's a lead role disguised as a supporting one!

Best Director ... should go to Ron Howard - the biz adores Opie don'tchaknow ... but at age 77, Robert Altman isn't likely to get another shot at the statuette ... & Ron Howard has plenty of time for future wins.  Besides - "Gosford Park" has to win something!

Best Film ... bet the house on "A Beautiful Mind," it's Oscar's way of acknowledging Opie's great work in the prior category.

Now that I've got you started ... good luck ... and don't worry, there's plenty of category's left for you all to stumble & fall.

See you at the movies!

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