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Posted by Dave on 03/21/02 - 13:13:30
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If you have time, on any Saturday night when Slick is not with Blue Floyd or JS, he's playing at a bar in Sea Bright NJ called Donovan's with his own band. Its a 4 piece band and they do 3 sets starting at 6 PM which goes until 10:30 PM. I tape his gigs too. Last Sat they did some new songs (Bertha & US Blues) and another killer Little Wing. I taped it onto DAT and it sounds pretty good considering its a bar with talkative drunks and a barking dog who sometimes walks near our mic stand. I usually attend once or twice a month. These gigs are running, I think, thru the summer. We NJers are very spoiled by Slick's band. It certainly feeds my JS jones until JS tours.

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