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Posted by Paul K on 03/21/02 - 13:00:57
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from Paul

   by Roque Dalton

When revolution appears on the horizon
the old cauldron of religion erupts

In ordinary times
religion was going to mass,
paying tithes to the house of God,
baptizing children
and confessing sins to settle accounts with oneself

When revolution appears on the horizon
the churches remember the masses,
descending on them from clouds and mysteries
and feudal tranquility

Fat-assed pastors talk about the end of the world
when what approaches is the end of exploitation;
hysterical prophets talk about choosing between Good and Evil
when the people need to take a stand
against oppression and hunger.

This is the religion Marx called
"the opiate of the people"
because in that form it's just one drug more to stuff men's heads with
keeping them from finding the way to social struggle.

But Camilo Torres, among others,
left us saying there's also a positive religion
that springs forth from the soul of revolution
like poems and hymns
and that it risks its life in this world
not after death.
In this religion serve men who are
(like true communists)
the salt of the earth.

P.S. from PK
   (from "Teaching The Computers To Dream"    JS 2002)

"On the threshold of Fire
Here we now stand at the dawn of a century

I dare you to care
I dare you risk your lives
I dare you to believe in all the things that you learned as a child
That you knew were right

And I'm teaching the computer to dream
Teaching the computer Imagination
Teaching the computers to scream
In passion and ecstasy
   ... Imagination ..."

Vaya con dios y pasion

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