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Posted by Terry on 03/21/02 - 12:20:55
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Seeing today's earlier post about Beatle Jam reminded me--shucks, I missed their recent gig here in D.C. w/Blue Floyd.

But man, much as we all love PK, Mark (Slick) Aguilar has evolved into a crucial element in the current Jefferson Starship's sound.  I'm a major fan of his playing.

For several years, I thought he was competent--not bad, but not pushing the edge of the envelope either.  Sometime around 1997-2001, Slick's playing started to take on it's own personality.  Not Jorma, not Craig, but his own interpretation of the songs.  Hearing his renditions "Ballad of Pooniel" and "Hearts" at live shows in 2000 and 2001 really shook the foundations, didn't it?

I know I'm not the first to say this, but if anybody out there cares to pass on some fan-boy praise to the lead guitar player, by all means, let him know.  Right now, I hold him up in the same category as Warren Haynes, Steve Kimock, Derek Trucks, Jimmy Herring, Dicky Betts.

I imagine the intensive retro-fitting of old songs into the new line-up took more than a little practice, no?  And all those weird Eb or Cm Kantner/Slick key signatures (Hyperdrive, Alexander the Medium, etc.) and time changes helped too.  Kids, do not try this without a capo or alternate tunings.

In short: Slick rules.  Can't wait to see him again, either with Beatle Jam or with JS.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled arguments....

Terry in DC

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