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Posted by Observational Fundamentalist on 10/05/03 - 03:18:23
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Had this on in the car stereo repeatedly (long journey...well, long journey for a Brit!) yesterday. First time I'd listened to it since maybe a month or so after it came out.

Not as bad as I remembered - still can't hold a candle to the magnificent "DEEP SPACE", though! Of course, the recording quality is dreadful and the mix is mush - but the band are on pretty reasonable (if not exactly great) form.

Jack, when you can actually distinguish the bass, is reallly going for it at times. If the mix had been decent, it would have sounded like 'lead bass' on some songs.

Paul throws in some really effective second lead fills on his 12-string Rick.

And Diana works very well at times as a pseudo-Grace behind Marty - who seems more in control than on some TNG recordings I've heard.

So not brilliant; but not half-bad either.

Was it the connatations of the 'Greatest Hits' title that suconsciously influenced so many of us to be so negative about it at the time? You know, a band of JS' integrity/pedigree shouldn't be doing a live greatest hits album like the last gasp of some washed-up cabaret act....? (Eg: Hollies who have done several of them.)

Listening to the album - recorded Dec 98? - also brought home to me how much Diana and Slick have come on. (Based on 2001-2 recordings supplied by the Goddess Liz.)

Diana has moved way beyond her poor girl's Grace sound and begun to carve out her own distinctive style - projection, phrasings, etc. (Not easy, I guess, when you're singing Grace's songs with Kantner and Balin at either side of you...!)

As for Slick, compared to how he played on 'LIVE AT THE FILLMORE', he's developed into a really quite fluid and eloquent guitarist.

For all I miss Jack - or Casady/Sears standard basswork, I should say (more Tom, please!) - maybe there was something in what Michael's said about him intimidating Slick.

After all, to have God standing next to you mumbling about the way Jorma would do it must be a fairly-numbing experience...!

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