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Posted by Tara on 10/04/03 - 20:08:39
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It's about fucking time someone [else] started talking about that (not the first part, obviously--I do believe we should be remorseful, though reparations are out of the question for logistical reasons; when you commit or are affiliated with a country that commits one or more heinous crimes, it is all right to speak out against what was done or voice your own shame and remorse...there are times when the past is better left behind you, but sometimes forced attempts to put it behind you too quickly can serve as cover-ups for feelings inside you deemed too difficult to face.  I don't suggest reveling in the past, but revisiting it from time to time can get you closer to being at peace with certain circumstances and your true feelings and reactions to them)--funny how the recall movement didn't even exist until a month after the election, and was only supported by a few small groups until the Republicans took notice of them and jumped all over the recall like they'd been there from the beginning.  Most people do not realize that the cronies pulling the puppet strings behind Schwarzenazi, as you ever so lovingly referred to him, are in direct collusion with the Bush campaign.  And it's our job to discuss this and inform people, but even the anti-recall people don't even seem to be bringing it up!  Then there are the multitudes out there comparing him to Reagan (#1- even if that was justified, DO YOU REALLY WANT ANOTHER REAGAN??!!! ---Jim Brent and Kenny, that was a rhetorical question, and don't bother answering anyway, we all know what your replies would be---).  Give me a break.  At least Reagan did research on his party and attended several Republican conventions and debates before he chose to run.  And when he did choose to run, he didn't hide from the other candidates.  Or refuse to debate them.  Now, he may have been inarticulate, easily mistakable as a narcoleptic, and totally off his rocker, but he SHOWED UP and obviously gave his participation in politics some thought before cannonballing into the shallow end.  Arnie may be good at the one-liner-soundbyte-politicocatchphrases, but how much of his stance on the issues do you really buy from a man who refused to show up for a simple debate?  

Aside from the more blatant atrocities associated with this mess, the most basic fact is that you are not voting for the governor in this election (much like you are not voting for the President in 2004)--you are voting for the people behind him.  And the people behind Schwarzenazi would undoubtedly set the stage for another Florida fiasco in 2004.  Think about it...Florida: guaranteed for Bush; Texas: guaranteed for Bush; California under Schwarzenazi: guaranteed for Bush.  Now think of how many electoral votes that constitutes already and factor in a handful more states south of the Manson-Nixon Line ( ;) ).  Hmm...doesn't seem like much of a competition, does it?  

All right, enough diatribes for today.  I'm off to see Steely Dan.  Good night, all.


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