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Posted by Graham S on 10/04/03 - 19:54:39
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"It's getting to be that time of night again" to quote Mr Buchwald Jnr, when
I send ridiculous posts based on strange flights of fantasy that have
occured during the day; when I'm fairly "relaxed" and am about to get more
so. So -

Following another meeting of the London-ish based Airmachine fans (which
involved some typically bizarre conversations) I found myself supping a
final pint when a totally forgotten memory hit me and made me think about
updated version of the idea.

The forgotten memory was, as a kid, I used to have these little books called
"The I-Spy Book Of...". The subject of the books varied from cars, planes,
cats, dogs, zoo animals etc. The idea was that as you saw the listed
"object" in question you ticked it off and gained so may points - depending
on rarity (eg zoo animals - a chimp'd get you 5 points but an okapi'd get
you 50) and once you'd got a set number of points (or completed the book,
can't remember which) you sent it off and got a special badge - or

Anyway; what if they were still going today (they may be for all I know) but
were up-dated and made for older "kids"?

I-Spy books of

Rock bands? (points here would obviously differ depending which side of the
Atlantic you live on) and the stage in their career that you saw them

Airmachine Family members? (similar to above but European fans score more
points for any given memeber)

Hand guns & light SMGs?

For B-liar & Bush-baby -  WMD? (this one'd be different - if you see even 1
you win the badge)

There were more ideas but alcohol's had it's impact since I first thought of
the idea.

(oh yeah - just for Jelly, the I-Spy book of British - or any other - beers)

Sorry to burden you all with this but it seemed like a good idea at the

Finally - just noticed some strange marks on my PC keyboard; look like cat paw-prints, almost as if....

Nah, couldn't be possible - cats sending e-mails? no one'd ever believe it!!

PS how's Nigel - I keep getting this feeling that I should ask about him, almost as if someone/thing's prompting me to ask.

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