Mr. Wander,     Thank you for below deck.....

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Posted by EM on 10/04/03 - 12:57:13
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I am preparing your package, and I think you will enjoy it very much.  I am writing you at your Email to answer a coupla your questions.  OK?  OK.

We returned from Railroad Earth at 3:30am on the dot--after a Denny's breakfast---and did we earn it!   I could say much that is descriptive and superlative about each of those 6 players and the character of that band.  They are truly lovable.
But I'll save it for another site!

I must say that the violinist, Tim Carbone?,
plays his instrument effortlessly, like it was an extension of his own body, and into the extreme planar regions of inspiration>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

...but really so do each.

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