1968 and 2003

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 10/04/03 - 12:35:45
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What happened 35 years is in the past and it should be like our asses; behind us.  Vietnam was wrong.  But once you are in a combat situation its kill or be killed. I don't know about you but I would rather be the one killing than being killed. What happened at My Lia was wrong.  But if this country should never remorseful, apologetic, or guilty about My Lia, dropping the bomb on Japan, including Iraq ... FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

You should be more concerned about keeping Schrublican Schwartenazi out of the Governor's office in Sacramento than what happened in Vietnam.  A vote for Schwartenazi is a vote to validate Bush's continued vulgar power grab in this country.  Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

FYI ... There distinction between old money WASP and Catholics in New England.  The WASP believe money is a privilege and Catholics believe it is a responsibility.  Both support capitalism.  But the balance of power has shifted to the WASP and everyone should be afraid.    

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