Diana, Paul Kantner and Tim Gorman

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Posted by Rick on 10/04/03 - 12:17:03
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While saying my memory is sketchy may be putting down a whole art form I recall seeing a clip from a TV show wherein Diana, Paul and Tim performed "Shadowlands" and the commentator said to Diana, "Boy, you can REALLY sing" (Although there is an obvious gender issue there)and Paul explained how they found her (I paraphrase here).

We needed to find someone to sing with the Band as Darby is doing some other things (we all do other things)and Diana had shown up with this tape of her singing a few of our songs a cappella. We were in the area (later-I forget what Paul said as a time frame) and invited her to come up on the stage and sing a few songs.

She joined them for some shows later on in the tour and has been a member of the band since!

Of course I saw it on TV so this has to be true! Maybe I can find the video and post it somewhere.

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