Hey, mother, where ya been?

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Posted by BW on 10/04/03 - 11:38:55
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I've been asking about ya......"was he thrown overboard?"........."was he banned for life?"..............

I just read a review of Ted Nugent playing in NYC.  He is one healthy lookin dude.  He looks great.  

Do you remember that thing you did......"150 Ways George Dubya has already fucked up, and he ain't even half-way through!"  Do you still have that on the tip of your tongue?

I remember the morning you posted that, and then I did a long slow rant on dubya being a "dry drunk," and an hour later the whole board went down!

The other day I was talkin dry drunk, and later that night the board took another hit!  It's to the point now, if I just "think" about it, I can bend it out of shape!  Scarry.........

Hey, did ya ever get the funding for the "pyrex" ideas, and what were you doing in Mexico, again?  One of the first things my dear Mother explained to me was about the "pyrex" dishes she had.........they were "indestructible!"

Well, good to hear from ya.  This board needs a jolt of your enthusiasm once in a while........they're "graying out," and fading fast.  See ya!  BW.

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