Tuxedo Junction --6/03/03 (please advise)

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Posted by ross on 10/04/03 - 09:00:40
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I finally got the show converted to an mp3 file
it's about 87MB in size. Unfortunatly the best part
is missing. The last song "The Other Side Of This
Life" gets cut off right at the begining of a great
drum solo by Prairie P.(Fuck! I should have swapped
batteries when I changed the Minidisc. I thought
the meter level looked alright!)
I used decent mics so the sound quality is actually
pretty good despite being recorded on MD.

The question is how to post the file.(I also have
a wav. version about 970MB) I took 2 different
signal coverters and 3 software conversions to
get the signal digitally from my MD player into
mp3 form on my Mac. I am not sure if I am ready
yet to tackle the instructions from Alexander
Library to join the usenet group.(I'm slow at
computer stuff).
Anyway if someone wants to post
the mp3 file for me I will try to e-mail it if
that is possible.
I did not break the file up into indidual songs.
I am not sure how to edit with IMac. Is that a
better way to send mp3 files?

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