hey PK.........what position did you play?  :-)

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Posted by Angelo on 08/02/03 - 09:02:10
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I was reading "Rock Troubadours" that was nicely recommended to me by Stagfife here on A-Deck, and
David Grisman mentions that around 1970 he was invited to a "baseball game in Fairfax between the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane".
Grisman said he didn't remember who won and he
saw Jerry there, etc....and the story moved on.

Anyway, when I read that, it gave me a lift and I
started to picture where everyone might have been playing during the game.  I kinda had you
out in centerfield because I just got the feeling that you could run a little bit!
.....plus chasing down fly balls is always fun!

Let's see......

Grace on the hill
Jorma at first
Marty at second
Michael at short
Jack at third
PK in center
.....not sure about the rest of the squad!

I'd say that was a fun day in Fairfax!

See ya'


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