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Posted by Kenny on 08/02/03 - 08:08:40
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As a libertarian, I believe the government should get out of the business of running people's lives.  Since our republic was founded, we have faced a steady erosion of our freedom and liberty, replaced by decisions made for us by an all knowing government that will do "what's best for us".

Drug laws.  Laws against prostitution.  Laws against suicide.  These are all examples of how the government seeks to impose its will on those who would be free.  Yes, in some of the aformentioned cases, free to do some very stupid things, but free nonetheless.

Watching someone you love die a slow, painful and lingering death is something I've gone through and wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  A gentle and quick end to a hopeless situation seems like an act of love more than desperation or anything of the sort.  As long the decision is made by an individual of sound mind, preferably at a time when such dire circumstances don't exist.

I wish every Catholic bishop, anti-euthanisia politician, and do-gooder in this country should have to watch their loved ones go through this situation needlessly.  Like every decision, its much easier to take a position when one stands miles away from its reality.


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