Felkar, I like your sense of humor!!!.............

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Posted by BW on 08/02/03 - 05:56:23
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This is excellent.  I knew there were reasons why bush and the newbushamericana had me ill, but I couldn't get them all on the tip of my tongue and spit them out.

I would like to print this out, but with the black outer space background, it sucks up too much black ink.  Let me see if I understand you correctly, are you saying the President of the United States should be impeached?  Certainly so, in my opinion, but he will probably be re-elected instead.  The only thing bush hasn't done is deposit any semen in the anal office, like that jerk billyboy clinton.  What's with all these bubba presidents lately?  Maybe the South did win the civil war afterall?!                                                             Anyway, I'll be an expatriate by the time bush gets re-elected, living with my girlfriend from Russia, maybe in Paris, France??  An ex-patriate, is that what they call it?  Peolple think my russian gal is just using me to gain an american citizenship. Actually, she really wants no part of the USA.  She speaks russian, german, and english.  She has an  M.A. in linguistics and translation.  Because it's such a hassle to enter this country she suggests a meeting in Turkey, or a winter meeting in Jamaica.  And she would like to visit Paris.  And I will show her San Francisco.......  She's very worldly, not smallminded like the american public.  No, she's not trying to come here to get on welfare, and she's not a mail-order bride and she's not desperate.  I am.  To get the hell out of here and have friends outside the USA........BW.

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