Maybe you missed my 14-page Harangue against "mr. president"????

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Posted by BW on 08/02/03 - 05:26:40
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I think it was deleted for my own protection, as I was calling the president of the united states a "dry drunk," and I could hear knocking at my door.  Paranoia runs deep.  I had drank two pots of coffee and was really wound into it.  And all of a sudden "Rusty" was being dismissed and my posts were deleted so I was freakin' out.....

I wasn't reacting to my posts about those europeans(?) from Saturday night(Ayn Rand) or the Ariel Sharon post criticizing starshipers and east coasters, per se,  but between those posts, and my anti-bush post, and my "the russians are coming, the russians are coming!" post, with all that coffee, I was wired, and thought I had colored outside the lines, and was being "let go!!!!"  I was trying to defend the Ship against attack, and then I thought I was being attacked from within.  It was weird, and it was all brought to you by Maxwell House Coffee, "good to the last drop".........BW.

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