Motivating the local slackers - Ozzy must die

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Posted by feklar on 08/01/03 - 21:10:15
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Someone send me a decent 50W tube half-stack and a Big Muff Pi..  and maybe a decent axe, but I suppose I got the two guitars I have almost halfway working well enough.  Just need some graphite parts and a few more small tweaks.

I know beggars can't be choosey but I would surely rather not suffer Peavey bullshit...  Or Crate bullshit or anything made out of particle board.  If you feel really generous, maybe a new 4x12 cabinet from, appropriately loaded for rock and metal, and a halfway decent head for the top of it.  You know me, I play covers of Rush, Styx, hard rock, southern rock, and a few tads of metal.  Hell, I suspect that using my V-Amp 2 for a preamp / effects box I could even make an ancient Sears Silvertone tube head sound decent.

Maybe a Black Carpet/Metal Grill model from

Ozzy must die.  And when he does, I (or a suitable proxy god) will be there to reincarnate his ass.

You can be the first on your block to make Ozzy suffer the unfortunate fate of being reincarnated as Tiny Tim, by removing the opportunity to avoid it that he had... after all, Ozzy -did- piss on the Alamo, and deserves at least some punishment for that.  Now if Ozzy would have come across with a decent axe and amp for me, he could have gotten off easy.  Once I get a decent amp setup, Ozzy's chance to avoid reincarnation vanishes into thin air.

2301 SW Sheridan Rd #24
Lawton, OK 73501

So, if you are from Texas and you want to -get- Ozzy's ass or you have or feel some other great need to avenge yourself upon Ozzy, here is your golden opportunity.

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