Oh, another thing I've known about CATHOLICS, for the longest, most dull time(In such creeps presence)

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Posted by Alan Carter on 08/01/03 - 20:34:08
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So many of them are just EXPERTS at lying!!!!! How "impressive", I guess we're supposed to think. I mean, such fools are so clueless, since they're so INTO their worthless negativity, they seem to imagine to their own detriment, quite often, that they can deceive someone like ME NEARLY as much as they do themselves!!! Sensibly, I'm not interested in such fools' brains!!!! Watching virtually every move I make, and noting every mistake I make seems to be "dignified" to their confused, sick brains!!!!
Now what was THAT extreme lie, another "clever" schmultimatum about me? From a Catholic? Again? YEP! They didn't respond with like: "No, I'm Lutheran", or something. So they must be Catholic!!! FAR FROM WISE, AND FAR FROM WORTH THE TIME!!!!! What these people do to their brains.... I've noticed that they can REALLY drive themselves out of their minds here..... Now who's fault is THAT supposed to be, SATAN'S???? Psychologically, and quite insanely, the blame often is pointed in Jesus' direction, as some idiots here really DO feel I ever in my life tried to be "the Saviour"(Or they don't really care if it's a lie or not, as they're such phoney, idiotic creeps). Well, I lived in Phoenix, AZ, for thirteen years, YEARS AGO, and there weren't a whole bunch of people treating that stupid assumption as if it were a proven fact. Do these people REALLY think they know better????? DUHHHHH, I guess so!!!! FOOLS!!!!!
   Some of these asses are so mindless and out of touch with reality, they'll repeat
over and over the most insidious lies about me(Who knows what they'll do to ones who are even more sensitive and gullible), and some will even say, "NO ONE HERE >EVER< LIES ABOUT HIM(Alan)." HOW THE HELL CAN PEOPLE EVEN GET SO SCREWED UP???
   What do they relish? Well, obviously, negativity, mental illness, guilty misgivings to ones who care, phoniness, proud hatred, racism(Oh yes, and I THOUGHT I was moving to California five years ago), and what else, out of sense and dignity, I WOULDN'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!!
   All this is supposed to make them so "great", so desirable to meet? What a joke!!!  

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