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Posted by Rick on 08/01/03 - 17:11:09
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OK OK - I guess I deserve some verbal lashing.

Just so you know, if I am told by someone in the Band that some text has to be removed I will do it. If you have a message that is in the same thread as the one singled out for removal, your post will be deleted too! There is no way to save any post below the offending post (in the same thread). I tried!

Also sometimes I delete the wrong one by mistake, then I can't get it back. That happened twice since January. Out of 13,000 posts we have removed about 60 threads. Many of them were quite nasty, a few were totally vile and some were so sick nobody wanted to admit reading them (which is the proper thing to do, avoid the really sick comments, we will clean them as we catch them).

This is the coolest-most courteous board on the web. I am constantly amazed at the information and conversations that go on here. I have to say there is some real thinking that happens here. If an occasional message is deleted by the Band it is not to censor conversation, but to protect the good nature of this environment.

To put it another way, this site is for lovers, artists, teachers, seekers, thinkers, doers, gypsies, the guys from the song Atlantis, and all people of good intent. We will defend our gates.

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