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Posted by ross ross on 08/01/03 - 10:29:45
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A few years ago when Guiliani was still mayor of
NY they had to name a public square. The choice
of two names wasto be decided by popularity poll.
In order to save money, the public was told if
they liked name A to flush there toilets at time
A (say 6:30 to 6:35pm).
If they liked name B flush toilets at time B.
The water and sewer department then measured the
change in water pressure at each time to figure
out which name was more popular.

It may not be very accurate or water-saving but
flushing for the candidate of your choice
somehow seems appropiate to todays politacs.
If they flushed in Florida counties 2 years
ago it would have as accurate an expression of the
wiil of the people as the supreme court decision
that finally decided it.

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