BW.....I read about your wedding plans......

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Posted by Angelo on 08/01/03 - 07:43:16
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and I replied to your post, but I think ours (and others) were deleted in accordance with
"Rule One" about replies to a post that had been deleted....if a branch is cut off, all the limbs go with it....that's the way I picture it!  

Anyway.....I got a lift when you said you were getting married, you were gonna book the band for the reception and everyone on A-Deck was invited!  You pull that off and you might be very surprised at the attendance!   :-)

I can see it now.....somebody doing cool artwork
of you and your new bride on the cover of a cd
offered on CIAXM!  What would the title be?  

I wonder if the band would let you help with the setlist?  If so, what songs would you want played?  That would be a very cool wedding!

Now.....if the wedding is in Russia, I don't think I can make it, but I'll tell you what....
I'll spring for the Maxwell House and have it
shipped over! :-)

Stay up, BW!

See ya'

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