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Posted by carolyn on 07/31/03 - 20:20:28
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i just do my best to get the word out.  WE ARE ALL VERY MUCH AT RISK NOW!  IT IS A MAJOR EPIDEMIC HERE IN THE U.S. THAT IS COVERED UP IN THE MEDIA! is an excellent website for info and education.  many of us are discovering that we did not just get this once but have been getting reinfected over teh yrs (or decades).  no one seems to know much about the coinfections.  the babesia coinfectin i got on vacation nantucket island is the one that did me in.

more good websites. - read about Dr Jones there.  our last lyme literate pediatrition left in the country and he is in his mid seventies. he's been seeing it since as long as allen steere (evil incarnate) in hamden CT ( near lyme ct).  unlike steere who at that time thought it was viral in origin and did not treat with abx and his young patients went on to get really sick, dr Jones realized it was bacterial in origin and treated with abx.  in the eighties, dr JOnes sent his sickest patients on to yale where they were treated with open ended i.v. abx and cured.  then by the 90's , yale abruptly stopped treating long term saying everyones better after 6 wks or 8 wks at the outside most and if symptoms persist, it's 'post lyme syndrome' or wasn't lyme to begin with or psychiatric problem.  lot's of money to be made off of the vaccine!  and more behind this.

this is wildcondors website:  her story is even worse than mine.  great website and lots of good links.  cheryl's website is good too, but i don't remember what it is.  and, is good too, but if you think we get into nasty fights here, can be really viscous.  currently they have a disgusting resident troll 'charles p. adams".  probablly an evil infectious disease dr.  most are teh worst to go to for this and will not dx lyme.  i only know of one in NC who is good.  he was on the forefront with AIDS and is now also a lyme literate md.

lots of bad websites, CDC, NIH, the ALDF ( american lyme disease foundation - a front for insurence co.'s

I.L.A.D.'s website is very good.  international lyme ....... i forget what the initials stand for, but it is an internation organization of lyme lit drs.


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