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Posted by carolyn on 07/31/03 - 19:49:18
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you said you were under the impression that lyme did not spread outside new england states until the '70s and refer to a circa '80s map charting endemic areas.  don't beleive your map.  i have forwarded you some good info.

lyme was known in germany way back in the 1800's.   it was detected and treated in wisconsin in the early '70s  people from L.I. have suffered from "Montauk knee"  since before the seventies.  it is in all 50 states (except montana - officials there maintain they do not have it, but they do have a mysterious tick borne disease they can't identify.  not sure how deer, birds mice and ticks know that they are not to cross teh border into montanta) , canada, russia, aisa, the u.k. and ireland, autrailia.  

why there are so so many thousnads of us getting sick now and why the strains are nastier, harder to treat and why we are seeing so many coinfections now is open to debate.

many of us feel that strains have been bioengineered for bio-warfare.  bio-warfare research was being done at plum island.  lyme, CT. is in direct path of migratory birds from plum island.  fur pelts from russia in the 50's have been implicated.  

an iraqie scientist worked at plum island on bio warfare research, returned to iraq berfore the gulf war.  died in suspitious car accident.  gulf war syndrome is linked to lyme.

many of us are coinfected for mycplasma.  MDL (medical diagnostics lab) in mt laurel NJ has lyme patients who tested pos for mycoplasma fermentans (incognitas).  like lyme, and antrax, mycplasma strains exist in nature.  however, the mycoplasma strain : mycoplasma fermentans (incognitas) is a patented strain.  it was patented by its inventor.

many beleive that not only is it the insurnce buisiness behind making it exceedingly hard to get a proper dx, proper tx, why so many are misdx and why it is so hard for us to get disability/social security is that it would be extremely embarassing to our gov't if it was exposed that they are resposible for a bio-engineered strain being released - intentionally or non intentionally on the population.  many beleive that the gov't does have a cure.  the case of the little girl from lyme CT with neuro lyme and was taken to plum island and cured.  it was hush hushed.

just ran into a mom i was in a play group in when my daughter was a baby.  she moved away yrs ago, but a few yrs ago moved back to the neihborhood adjascent to mine.  she has gained a huge amount of wieght, is clinicly depressed, her and family have other symptoms.  i was on a bike ride last nite and encountered her and her husband.  she assured me that her whole family ws tested and the tests were neg so they don't have lyme.  she did not even know what test was done, but i'm sure it was teh useless elisa.  drs around here are horrible, and people are so misimformed about this disease. and we live in a highly highly endemic area - bucks co. PA.

so i forwarded her info today.  hope she listens.

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