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Posted by Rick on 07/31/03 - 19:13:59
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A tremendous amount of conversation goes on here. One of the interesting things is that the words we write stay in this space longer than the actual conversation lasts.

To our computers this could be forever.

Remembering both the wonderful and the vile. But the computer cannot discern between the two. It takes the intervention of the heart and intellect of a human to recognize the nature of a communication.

We have been through many times where the truth was presented by deceivers and the law was enforced by self interested bully boys.

Occasionally these people visit this site. The band decides if a post is so "out of place" in this forum that it is deleted-and sometimes the author is also banished. This site will never be a forum for those who have a hateful intention-constructive criticism yes-looting and pillaging (unless between two consenting adults)no.

Here is a rule:

If you see a particularly stupid, vile or wretched post. Avoid it like a land mine. Respond in a separate thread. If you reply within that thread and the top message is deleted, then the whole tread perishes.

Second rule:

This is run by a computer and not as reliable as a drunk behind the wheel (if you know what I mean). Usually it is the 13,000 messages running around the A-Deck that makes the computer forget some stuff. It happens. So always assume that if you did not threaten to rape maim shoot kill or rob someone and your post is gone-it is just a bug, forget about it!

Rule Three:

Count on me to make a blunder now and then. I am only human-I even deleted one of my own messages last week, I was trying to save a response that cracked me up and hit the wrong button. Hey, it happens. I play in a two and three quarter chord rock band.

Rule Four:

We would rather endorse the Bush Administrations sensitivity to ecological issues than hurt, manipulate or censor anyone here on the A-Deck. This is one of the greatest places on earth to meet folks of the same experiences and interests.

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