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Posted by BW on 07/31/03 - 16:15:11
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I guess you didn't get my description of the wedding I was planning, that got held back.......anyway, just rent the movie, "Lenny Bruce," which is what I have to do, also, to refresh my memory.  Plus, I would like to see some video of his "comedy" club appearances.  He was a comedian that got so close to the "truth" about the way we all really think and feel and live, it made people really nervous.  He was "dirty" but the sexual references were in the larger context of telling the truth, about life itself.  He wasn't "filthy," I don't think, but the inuendos and inferences, you know what I mean.......

What I tried to do this morning, in talking to "mr. president" was not to be disrespectful to the Office, or George W. Bush, personally.  But trying to speak for the mothers and fathers of our children stuck in the desert half way round the world, you see, now I'm getting uptight, because I may be coloring outside the lines on this man's website.  And it was my big idea for us to only talk music, and not "politics," but how can you live and talk poetry, science fiction, and music without being affected by world events, making believe it's in a separate box, compartmentalized?  Got a revolution, yeah, but no one wants to get arrested for saying so, by the thought police.  In the name of "homeland security," I'm sure this site is being scrutinized, for references to drugs and anti-presidential political ranting, which is what I did.  I'm guilty of drinking a coffee pot full of caffeine, and it all poured out, and I am a stream of consciousness writer sometimes, and I can censor and edit myself to a degree, but......ah, anyway........

I was just looking back to see what other posts by BW have been erased.  I think they're cleaning up the board the way a nursing home gets ready for a big audit or inspection, but it's all really none of my business, it's a ship and not a democracy.......BW.

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