BW......I don't know much about Lenny Bruce and

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Posted by Angelo on 07/31/03 - 15:42:34
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how far the issue of free speech stretches,
but I feel that your heart is in the right
place and I've enjoyed your posts.  I have been
touched and tickled by many of them and have
enjoyed your discussions about music!

I would hate to see you leave the A-Deck,
unless you feel absolutely compelled to do so.

Perhaps you might want to cut back to half a
pot of Maxwell House each morning!  I've already made the switch to took me a long
time to get rid of the withdrawal headaches though!  hehehe!!!   :)

...still drinking Diet Mountain Dew though,
already on my third can of the afternoon!
De-Caf Dews are hard to find!

Stay Up, BW!

See ya'

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